Blah Monday

So as a Packer fan I am experiencing what it feels like to lose again after a year of winning. So now how to handle it.

I am ok with a loss, it happens. What I am having a problem with is reactions of some others and a oh well attitude.

A recent article basicly told fans we didn’t really know what was going on. Well personally I may not be a big time sports, blog writer ect but I have been following football and Packer football in particular for 50 plus years so may not be a total box of rocks.

Bottom line IMO is players who are paid to perform need to step up. Not use excuses, not have writers who are worried about making a player mad act as if they are above the normal fan base.


Ok fine

Well since I had forgotten about this blog it has been forever since anything was said.  Well not that there was anything really said before that.  But anyway I will now again try to just post random thoughts on a semi regular time frame.  For tonight it’s just



Kind fo funny how this week in Packer land there seems to be more bickering amongest each other.  Started with Nick and Jermicael taking to twitter the news that those on IR would not be in teams picture.  In this instance I did feel that they were right in their cause but wrong with the approach.  As it turned out the team captain duo of Rodgers and Woodson went to McCarthy who went to Thompson and the day to take picture was changed so everyone would be present.  The funny think about that is on twitter there are several bloggers who give the impression they are all that, jumped to the players side and tweeted their outrage, however there was a petition started to allow the players on IR to be in the photo and these same people didn’t sign it.  What’s up with that?   I guess keyboard warriors are still alive.  The bickering now is amongest the elite few who feel anyone elses contributions are less than worthwhile and also in a couple of cases ideas from others that are taken on as their own.
Yes I am as guilty as others in so far as I am not naming names since I don’t want to get into a war of keyboards, if the shoe fits I guess you’ll know.

Other news seems that the Steelers could be minus the anchor of their offensive line.  Maurkice Pouncey is nursing a high ankle sprain and rumor has it, he also has a fracture in his foot. 

Whats going on with the Titans?  First the report they are parting ways with Vince Young, now last night it is reported Jeff Fisher is out as coach also.  So much for that 17 year marriage but for a team that was struggling it is going to be a real mess now.  No Head Coach, no Defensive Coordinator, no defensive line coach or running backs coach.  Kind of wonder what is going with Bud Adams the owner?

Well as usual didn’t have a lot to say just some off the top things.  Have a good day and remember “GO YOU PACKERS GO”

Prelude to Dallas

Just some things to consider as the Packers get ready to win SB XLV (45).  Aaron Rodgers has a sore shoulder but should be good with the extra week off.  There is some question as to the linebacker position as Walden and Zombo both still nursing injuries.  Big debate is if TJ Lang can take over for Cliffy if needed.  Clifton had a stinger from Sunday’s Ebears game and was out a few plays.  He states is fine now but would they really tell the truth with a SB game coming up?

 On the Steelers side Aaron Smith has been out with a bicep tear not sure if he will be able to play and Maurkice Pouncey has high ankle sprain.  Both state they will play but you have to wonder just how effective.

If you don’t follow you should check out

BJ all 338 pounds got two minus on his pick 6.. one for ball security holding the ball out in front from 10 yard line in and for his TD dance. 

Aaron Rodgers is on the Midwest regional cover of SI 24/7 do you believe in the SI curse?


This and that

New accusations in regards to Brett are in the news.  The unfortunate thing IMO is what Deanna is going through.  My opinion doesn’t matter, I do tend to believe where there is smoke there is fire.  Tiger Woods good example, at first everyone was dissing the women saying they were gold diggers ect ect ect then the truth came out.  I understand people make mistakes, but this is more than a mistake it seems.  It seems like a pattern of behavior which personally I feel is very disrespectful to his family and to many fans.  I for one thought he had more integrity than that.  Just seems like another case of someone with some fame felt like the standard rules of conduct does not apply.  Most feel that type of behavior is not appropriate for a married man.  Just saying

Funny how something can trigger a memory .. I saw Susan Lombardi was on twitter and immediately became 5 yrs old in GB and meeting her father.  Many years later I met Ray Nitschke when he came into my parents liquor store back in Fontana Wi.  He was doing some promotion work for a Brandy company.  I guess I could say I was able to meet two legends of the GB Packers.

A lot of talk going on this week about the playoffs and how lack of a running game will hurt GB.  I do not think this will be the case several of the last few SB winners were ranked very low in the run dept.  GB has been a pass first offense for many years and the current team is no exception and they do it well when they are on.  The D needs to play solid and we have a very good shot at a long deep playoff run.

Next time will put some must have links if you are a GB Packer fan for now will just leave one..

Packer/Bears week

B. Urlacher and Coach Smith both stated they voted for ARod and the Pro Bowl so right away some Packer fans thought it was a BS statement just because they play GB this week.  IMO players and coaches don’t say things like that unless they mean it.  Also the fact Urlacher is not known for being anything but straight up when he talks to the press.

Regardless of Aaron Rodgers public comments I am willing to bet he will be on his game Sunday as he proves that he should have been more than an alternate.  I almost feel sorry for the Bears.. well not really but that was my P.C. statement.

For those not familar … use twitter interesting stuff..

Pro Bowl and other jokes

After Aaron Rodgers and Tramon Williams were snubbed big time in the Pro Bowl voting.  Rodgers second highest passer rating in NFC and half the INT’s of Drew B from the Saints and he is an alternate.  Tramon is having a dominate yr and is alternate… then add BJ and Josh Sitton who are having great years  it just makes it seem like a bigger joke than ever.

Brett will be fined for the Stern incident Peter King of SI says on twitter he thinks it’s because of no actual proof… if no actual proof why fine him?  I personally think  it was because it was Brett Favre.  First the commish usually acts swiftly on matters, this dragged out until last week of season.  So you suspend Favre for one game?  I lost a lot of respect for the man over this.  Yes it seems to me there has been more than ample proof and you don’t do that to your wife.  Wonder if Deanna will go the route of the former Mrs Woods?

Tucker Carlson on foxnews said Vick should have been executed.  Stating he was Christian ect.  well I am a Christian and Carlson couldn’t be more off base.  What M Vick did was deplorable in oh so many ways.  He lost a lot and spent time in prison for it.  It’s over and as long as he has changed his behavior I have no problem with him  He has been punished and shouldn’t have to continue to be punished everyone deserves a second chance.

#83 of the Packers had his laugh for the day as he kicked a certain old mans butt on a video game.  It was fun to see even a Pro football player can associate with a common no body.  TY it was fun even if I was on losing end.